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Language Study Homestays for   Children & Adults - Made Easy !

Language exchange holidays & host family homestays

Children, Teenagers, Adults and Family Groups. Choose between a two way language exchange or a one way homestay. Organising directly puts you in control and is good value. Read more..

Search for your ideal language study holiday

Select the ideal family from our published offers. With Lingoo you can organise a language immersion holiday directly between families without the need for expensive or impersonal agencies. Click here to view

Free registration as a homestay family on Lingoo
Homestay families throughout Canada are in great demand. Experience the pleasure of helping foreign students improve their English language skills. The homestay family will involve the student in day to day family life. Find out more..

Language Exchange

A language exchange is based on two members each offering hospitality in turn on a reciprocal basis.
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Paid language homestay

A paid language homestay is where you choose a homestay family from our published offers that fits perfectly with your project.
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Become a Homestay Family


Become a Homestay Family and receive students in your home. Offer hospitality and supplement your income. Free to join.
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German homestay family

Find a German homestay family in Germany, Austria or Switzerland without using an expensive agency. Search on Lingoo for published offers from German speaking homestay families living in the most popular areas of Germany.

One of the best ways to improve your German language is with a language study holiday with a German homestay family in Germany. Many of the German homestay families with published offers on Lingoo have an excellent life style and would welcome you as a privileged guest into their day to day family life.

Better than using an agency to organise a homestay in Germany and cheaper too, with Lingoo you will have more control over the type of family you stay with; you can search, select the German speaking homestay family that fits best with your project and then directly organise homestay with the German family you prefer. Many German homestay families will also help you arrange a German teacher or language course for you.

A great alternative to an agency homestay program is a German homestay organised through Lingoo, where you can practice your German language skills in the country where the language is spoken and save money too. Read more..


More about Lingoo

Find a Foreign Family

Find a European family speaking French, Italian, German, Spanish or Portuguese.
Lingoo offers a range of economical solutions to organise European language study holidays for children and teenagers who want to learn or improve their French in France, Spanish in Spain, Italian in Italy, German in Germany and Portuguese in Portugal.

Gap year study overseas students should also take a look the range of published offers from European homestay families speaking French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Study abroad, learning a gap year language and living with a family at the same time is a practical solution. Find more information on Gap Year Study Overseas.  Look at the potential of organising a student exchange program directly in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal or Spain. It is a much cheaper alternative than using an agency and can organise all of the important details yourself.

Has your child’s school stopped doing a school exchange to France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Portugal? A homestay or language exchange with a family that you choose could be an excellent alternative. Many foreign families with published offers on Lingoo offer home stays or would welcome the idea of a language exchange. The local homestay family will often arrange for a language teacher or course as part of the arrangement.

Adults, instead of booking an expensive overseas language school, think about staying with a language teacher who is also a homestay family. There is no better way of learning a language than to practive in the country where it is spoken.  

Language Study Immersion Holidays for Children & Adults  - Made Easy!

Become a Homestay Family

There is a great demand for fine homestay families throughout Canada on Lingoo. Think about becoming an English speaking paid homestay family and receive students in your home. Offer hospitality and supplement your income.

If you are a qualified English teacher you could also give lessons to your students and become a homestay family teacher. You could help to meet an ever-increasing demand.

All homestay families will need to complete our registration process with a clear protocol governing identification and security.